Wildlife Outage Protection

Fact: Almost 20% of utility outages are caused by wildlife tampering

Your Equipment is at Risk

Animals hanging around your transmission, substation and distribution power equipment poses a very large danger to both animals and the reliability of your assets. When wildlife creates a connection via phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground contact, it can trigger an arc flash, leading to severe outages.

Such disruptions can impose significant costs and inconvenience on both the utility and its customers.

What Can Happen When Wildlife Strikes?

Downtime from Outages

Damage or Loss of Asset

Endangered Species Fines

Top Species That Cause Issues

Percentage of utilities that have reported outages from a specific animals as reported in the IEEE 1264 Guide for animal mitigation for electric power supply substations.













Your Solution


Midsun E/Products are a premium suite of insulating silicone and plastics that work together to prevent animal outages. They are designed according to the needs of your systems, as well as being easily modified to fit on-site customizations and are built to last for decades with the strongest materials available.

Meets IEEE 1656 Standard

Approved for Rural Utilities Service (RUS)


60+ preformed flexible silicone covers that can be modified in the field to achieve optimal fit.

E/Fusing Tape

Form-fitting insulating tapes for wrapping odd-shaped complex power utility equipment.


Conductor covers for insulating energized cable and bus in power utility networks.


Molded barriers that block wildlife from accessing mission critical equipment.

Can't Find the Right Size Cover You Need?

We've Got You Covered Either Way

E/Products can be easily installed by your linemen while de-energized, select products are even designed to be installed while energized. 

Our OSHA certified field crew can also be hired to install wildlife protection covers, barriers and accessories on all of your power systems.

Let Us Develop Your Wildlife Strategy

Whether your equipment is already under siege or you are fortifying a new station, you need a plan for wildlife outages.

Reach out to us and register your company for a personalized product orientation or webinar on Midsun E/Products and services.

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