Custom Wildlife Covers

Custom-sized wildlife covers installed across various energy systems

Customized Silicone Covers for Utility Equipment Protection

Midsun specializes in custom-shaped covers for power substations to protect unique equipment from animal contact. Our silicone material is easily modified to fit various shapes and sizes, ensuring maximum protection for your equipment. We offer three methods of customization to meet your specific needs.

Modify Covers On-Site

Nearly any existing E/Product including covers, insulation and barriers can be trimmed with lineman scissors to accommodate odd-shaped customizations in your power equipment. 

New holes can be punched in any cover using E/Hole Punch to add drainage or fasten covers for an even tighter fit.

Cut Custom Shapes

Midsun offers rolls of silicone sheet material, E/Silicone Sheets, that can be cut to form around any of your most complex objects.

Use the following E/Products and lineman scissors to create your own custom covers or hire Midsun installers to do it for you.

E/Silicone Sheets

Roll of silicone material for form-fitting complex objects

E/Hole Punch

Easily punch holes in silicone for drainage and tightening

E/Push Pins

Fasten cover edges for snug fit around any object

Other E/Silicone Sheet Benefits

Combine Covers & Sheets

E/Covers and E/Silicone Sheets can be fastened together to create larger complex coverings to fit around multiple objects in a small area.

Reduce On-Site Labor

Midsun can produce custom die tooling that efficiently cuts high volumes of E/Silicone Sheets to your specification for routine orders.

Concept Final

Molded Cover Design

For utility systems with a considerable quantity of special components, Midsun can deploy field technicians to accurately measure your equipment and work with our engineers to develop a custom molded cover for mass production.

From concept to completion, Midsun provides the following services for custom molded covers:

Don't Settle for One-Size Fits All

As a utility provider, you understand the importance of precision and should demand a product that meets your specific needs. Reach out to our sales team to find the best method to get custom covers on your equipment.

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