E/Fusing 900 Moldable Silicone Putty Gray

Wildlife Outage Protection

Meets IEEE 1656 Standard

Fill voids to prevent animal or liquid incursion.  Use on potheads, conduits, pipes, seams, gaps and more. Can also be used to replace custom gaskets and build channels to divert liquid away from dangerous areas. Works on masonry, PVC, ABS, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and more.

*Putty is malleable and may slightly shift or change thickness over time, putty requires careful application for high voltage uses. If necessary, pack more putty to increase its dielectric strength.
**May stain some surfaces.


• Low water absorption – Divert or block liquid on nearly any surface.
• Excellent resistances – Resists UV, corona, salt, weather, chemicals, and extreme temps.
• Stays pliable – Will not harden, brittle, crack or craze due to weathering.
• Great dielectric strength – Rated 400V/mil.
• Reusable – Can be removed and remolded into other areas.

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