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Midsun Group is a trusted solutions provider to the electric utility industry, offering an array of premium products and services. Our core focus lies in extending the life of power utility equipment by protecting against threats such as flashovers, animal intrusions, and corrosion.

Since 1992, we have globally served utilities with innovative, tailored solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our Story


Midsun Group establishes as a sales group selling coatings and installation services to power utilities in Southington, CT USA.


Midsun moves into it's first office in Wallingford, CT USA and begins to design customized solutions for energy providers.


Midsun purchases current headquarters and warehouse in Southington, CT USA.


Midsun Specialty Products division was created for manufacturing self-fusing silicone tapes in Berlin, CT USA.


Midsun builds an international division, Midsun IKM stationed in Vienna, Austria.

Midsun in 2024

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Our Mission

Provide functionally innovative products and services that solve our customers problems with their capital assets.
Build industry leading customer loyalty through exceptional service and competitive pricing.
Provide a safe working environment where our employees can achieve both personal and professional growth.
Be respected by our employees and community alike.

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