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Switchgear cabinets in an urban coastal environment

Corrosion Protection for Extreme Environments

Silprocoat is a one part silicone elastomer coating designed for power system assets that are exposed to harsh conditions and beginning to corrode. Once applied, it provides excellent longevity with minimal maintenance making it an ideal choice for coastal, industrial and desert areas.

Adheres to Any Metal Structure

Silprocoat bonds to unprimed and primed metal surfaces with proper surface preparation. In cases of extreme corrosion, a strong primer is used to ensure best performance and longevity.

Switchgear Cabinets

Metal Barriers

Storage Tanks

Static Metal Structures

Minor Hole Repair


Metal Roofing

Heavily Corroded Areas

Lead Paint Encapsulation

Physical Properties

Silprocoat is made from a specially formulated blend of liquid silicone rubber that is naturally resistant to much of nature’s most harmful effects. It resists salts, oils, UV rays and corrosive chemicals. It is also heat resistant up to 320°F. 

Restore Every Detail

Our skilled team of OSHA certified applicators grind down rust damaged assets to bare metal and revitalize every detail including name plates, placards and more.  Our process can extend the life of your equipment another decade or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of the coating. Midsun Silprocoat has a higher ozone, UV and temperature resistance as well as stronger weatherability. The life expectancy is 10+ years in ideal conditions.

Self-Cleaning – Midsun Silprocoat is a hydrophobic coating that encapsulates your infrastructure in silicone, allowing rainwater wash away any contamination buildup on the surface.

The surface to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned. In most instances the surface only requires a high pressure water wash.

Midsun Silprocoat does not retain heat and has no other thermal issues.

It is not affected by chemicals or sun. The coating is designed to repel moisture and last through extreme weather.

Quick Technical Data

Property Value Method
Color Gray and White
Temperature Stability Range -70°F to 320°F
(-57°C to 160°C)
Weathering G154
No degradation IEC 61190
5000 hours
Salt Fog Exposure No corrosion CWA LWIWG-0
11350 hours
Cure Time
Standard Conditions
4 hours

Coating Availability

Midsun Silprocoat

One-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane elastomer coating, for anti-corrosion purposes.

Agents: Solventless VOC, Mineral Spirits and Naphta

Colors: Gray, White

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