Midsun HVIC

Insulators coated in Midsun HVIC

Unparalleled Flashover Protection for High Voltage Insulators

Midsun High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) provides a significantly maintenance-reduced protective layer in contaminated environments that can prevent excessive current leakage, tracking and flashovers on any type of high voltage insulator.

Uncoated Insulator RTV Coated Insulator

Reduce Flashover Outages to Zero

Accumulated pollution in your environment often leads to leakage currents, dry-band arcing and eventually flashover explosions causing disruptive damage in your power station.

Midsun HVIC RTV coating adds a hydrophobic layer to any porcelain, glass or polymer insulator that reduces contamination and keeps it protected from it’s surroundings.

Midsun HVIC helps prevent the build-up of:

Let Nature Take Care of the Rest

When your insulators are coated in Midsun HVIC, this silicone layer secretes natural oils that prevent accumulation, making it water-repellent and allowing precipitation to quickly wash away pollutants. This effective self-cleaning system will drastically reduce your cleaning maintenance from routine to the rare occasion.

Midsun HVIC removes the need for:

Apply Anywhere Your Insulators Are

Midsun HVIC is a one-part versatile RTV coating that can be applied during any stage of your new construction, capital improvements or maintenance schedules.

Off-site Insulator Restoration or OEM
On-site Before Installation
De-Energized Application
Energized Application

Excellent Physical Properties

Midsun HVIC is made from a specially formulated blend of liquid silicone rubber that is naturally resilient to nature’s most harmful long-term effects including UV, extreme temperatures, inclement weather, ozone and aging. 

When applied by our OSHA certified application team, Midsun High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) is expected to last over a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTV High Voltage Insulator Coating Is a one-part room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone coating providing long term, maintenance free, flashover protection of high voltage insulators in polluted environments, with high resistance to corona, ultraviolet light, water erosion, atmospheric and chemical degradation.

RTV insulator coating is a one part hydrophobic, UV resistant coating. Its hydrophobic surface prevents water filming and encapsulates the pollution, avoiding the ability of the contaminant to combine with water to form an ionic solution, therefore preventing leakage current, tracking and flashovers caused by contamination.

When Midsun HVIC is coated by Midsun certified applicators, it can last beyond 10 years in desirable regions. In abnormally severe environments, this warranty may be reduced.

Yes, Midsun offers formulations for both energized and de-energized application.

While we recommend work to be done while equipment is de-energized to promote safety and cost-efficiency, we understand downtime is sometimes not an option.

If equipment must be coated without a costly shutdown, Midsun is equipped with the proper tools and trained personnel to perform energized work.

A 15 mil thickness across the surface of the insulator is the recommended thickness for Midsun HVIC.

The product is flammable and may be ignited by heat, sparks or flames, therefore it needs to be stored out of the sun, under dry conditions and away from heat sources.

Quick Technical Data

Property Value Method
Color Gray and White
Temperature Stability Range -70°F to 320°F
(-57°C to 160°C)
Weathering G154
No degradation IEC 61190
5000 hours
Salt Fog Exposure No corrosion CWA LWIWG-0
11350 hours
Cure Time
Standard Conditions
4 hours

Coating Availability

Midsun HVIC

One-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane elastomer coating for protecting high voltage insulators.

Agents: Solventless VOC, Mineral Spirits and Naphta

Colors: Gray, White

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