High Voltage
Insulator Cleaning

Cleaning insulators with demineralized water

Enhance Power Grid Safety with Precision Cleaning for High Voltage Insulators

Midsun can mobilize highly trained crews to clean high voltage insulators in contaminated environments. When insulators are clean and free of pollutants, your utility can avoid costly outages caused by contamination related issues such as current leakage, tracking and flashovers.

Your System Could Be In Danger

Accumulated contaminants on your high voltage insulators in transmission, substation and distribution stations can cause terrible havoc if left unchecked.

This pollution can often lead to leakage current, dry-band arcing and eventually a flashover causing disruptions, outages and possible fatal injuries in your station.

Common build-up of contamination often includes:

Choose Your Cleaning Solution

Impurities can accumulate in several ways depending on your location and pollutant type. 

Midsun uses a variety of substances depending on the severity of the build-up present to restore your insulators back to their original state.

Demineralized Water

Used on light to moderate contamination

Corn Cob / Walnut Shell

Organic materials are used on moderate contamination to leave a polished finish on insulators

Pulverized Limestone

Pulverized Limestone

Granulated stone is used to strip hard deposits such as cement and ash from the insulator while preventing damage to the asset




Outdoor Switchgear

Electric Power Plants

Clean Your Stations from Top to Bottom

Midsun field crews have been working alongside energy providers for over 25 years and are skillfully trained to clean insulators in any section of your power grid.

In addition, all Midsun workers are:

Start with a Clean Slate

Midsun can also remove failed or expired solutions that were previously applied to your high voltage insulators including:

Failed Coating
Play Video

Power Through the Dirt

Press play to watch a member of our field team clean grime off a transformer bushing using demineralized water pumped through a fiberglass hot stick.

Consider Reducing Your Maintenance Costs

With clean insulators, your organization must choose: let contamination return or apply a protective coating to extend insulator life?

Midsun recommends using a high-voltage silicone RTV coating after a rigorous washing to ensure the insulator’s long-term protection.

Enhance Your Insulator Performance Today

Don’t let contaminated insulators compromise your electric utility’s efficiency and safety. Contact us today to schedule your insulator cleaning and keep your grid functioning at peak performance.

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