High Voltage Insulator Cleaning

Midsun Group offers an energized high voltage insulator cleaning service for electrical and industrial utility companies, nationwide.  Our dry abrasive method is completed by OSHA certified Midsun employees.

Midsun specializes in the cleaning of:

  • Electrical power plants
  • Distribution substations
  • Transformer substations
  • Outdoor swtichgears

Periodic cleaning of insulators in highly contaminated areas is a crucial component to maintaining electrical reliability.

The contamination of high voltage insulators greatly affects the insulation properties needed to protect your electrical equipment, which mat lead to costly inadvertent outages and possible equipment damage.


Why Choose Midsun High Voltage Insulator Cleaning?


    All Midsun applicators are OSHA certified and undergo monthly & yearly safety meetings.


    Our applicators are Midsun Employees. Each one of them receives extensive hands-on training to learn how to optimally apply our products.


    Rather than wasting time & product, we can send a seasoned crew out to do all the work for you.

Benefits of High Voltage Insulator Cleaning

By the use of dry abrasive materials, Midsun is able to remove the contaminates that may lead to an electrical discharge which can cause flash-overs.

Cleaning with these dry abrasive materials is a very effective and efficient way to remove hard deposits such as cement and fertilizers.

They are also effective in removing soft but difficult materials such as insulator grease, without causing damage to the insulator of affecting its properties.

Midsun can mobilize a crew quickly.