Midsun Group has recently received test reports for the E/Bus Support Cover (Part# E/BSC-350) and the E/Bushing Cover Large (Part# E/BC-Large) that had been used for 18 years. The report shows how thanks to the use of silicone rubber, the covers were able to maintain the same properties as a new cover.


Aging & Longevity

Silicone ages very slowly and can be expected to outlast plastic covers. Our products offer increased reliability and long-term solutions for utilities throughout the world.

UV and Weather Resistant

Unlike other generic plastic covers in the industry, our Silicone is naturally resistant to ultraviolet rays and will not fade or breakdown in direct sunlight. Silicone also provides resistance to extreme temperature and harsh environments making it exceedingly durable.


Silicone is extremely flexible and hydrophobic which provides an approach of custom-fit covers. Regardless of where animals are interfering, we have a cover that will prevent an animal from causing phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground contact.