Silprocoat Corrosion Protection Coating

Advanced restoration for metal structures & utility apparatuses

About Midsun Silprocoat

Midsun Silprocoat is a one part silicone elastomer coating. Silicone elastomer coatings are well known for their excellent chemical and weathering resistance. Combined with good adhesion characteristics, they provide an ideal coating for:

  • Lead paint encapsulation
  • Corrosion protection of power system apparatuses, matal hardware and structures, oil and gas storage tanks, pipes and metal barriers.

Midsun Silprocoat is designed for protecting a wide range of substrate from the effects of moisture and weathering.

It is an ideal coating to use in extreme harsh environments such as coastal, industrial and desert areas.

Silprocoat is available in VOC compliant formulations.

Why Midsun?


    Midsun custom formulates our silicone coating to create and optimal corrosion protection & restoration solution.  Our coating can be used independently or with other products to offer you superior corrosion protection.  Our silicone corrosion coating offers a long-term solution to your corrosion problems.


    Midsun can provide turnkey services for our silicone corrosion prevention coating. This is a stress-free solution to applying our product. If you opt to apply Midsun Silprocoat yourself, we will provide you with all the information necessary to apply our product.  Contact us for more information about our turnkey services & application training.


    Over 90% of our orders ship within two weeks or order placement. We will do our best to provide you with what you need.  Our turnkey service can be mobilized on short notice.

For more information about Midsun Silprocoat – Please call