Midsun E/Paintable Insulation

Brush, roll or spray on insulation for you hardest hit areas.

About Midsun E/Paintable Insulation

Midsun E/Paintable Insulation is a one part paintable silicone coating that protects and insulates vulnerable phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground areas. An application of 30 mils (dry) on metal surfaces provides 10kV insulation strength.

When applied to the surface of electrical insulation such as FRP Barrier Boards, E/Paintable Insulation imparts water repellency and arc-track resistance.It features superb unprimed adhesion to galvanized metal and most plastic materials.

E/Paintable Insulation is a unique formula of silicone rubber technology offering high dielectric strength in a paintable insulation.

Why Midsun?


    Midsun custom formulates our silicone coating to create an optimal paintable insulation coating.  Midsun E/Paintable will not only offer the flexibility to cover any area but it is also a long term solution for all the trouble areas.  Our silicone coating performs well and maintains its properties under extreme weather & conditions.  Midsun E/Paintable Insulation will provide you with the insulation you need to get those hard to reach spots.

  • Services

    Midsun can provide turnkey services for our E/Paintable Insulation. If you would like to apply Midsun E/Paintable Insulation yourself, we will give you all the information you need to use our product.

  • Availability

    Over 90% of our orders ship withing two weeks of order placement. We will do our best to provide you with what you need. Our turnkey service can be mobilized on short notice.

Protection & Prevention
  • Prevents power system outages and damage cause by animals
  • Has a high dielectric strength
  • Easy to apply  – one coat application
  • Has excellent atmospheric and chemical resistance

Flash Point Temperature : 105 – 109°F (40 – 43°C)

Turnkey Service

Each of our applicators go through extensive training to learn how to properly apply our products. Our overseeing foreman have 10+ years experience with our products to ensure that the application process is completed efficiently and consistently meets our customers standards.

Midsun applicators are:

  • OSHA Certified
  • Midsun Employees
  • Complete an internal application program.

By choosing our turnkey service you will eliminate the potential for misapplication which will save you money in labor and material.

Please contact us for more information about warranties.