Midsun High Voltage Insulator Coating

Superior flashover protection in highly contaminated areas

About Midsun HVIC

Midsun HVIC is a one part RTV silicone coating that prevents flashovers due to leakage current in contaminated environments.

No more short lived silicone grease application

Our Midsun HVIC silicone coating is uniquely formulated to offer excellent performance and a long-term solution to flashover problems.

Not only is Midsun HVIC highly water repellent, so contaminants cannot film over the surface, but it is not affected by:

  • UV light
  • Temperature
  • Corrosive environments
  • ATH pitting from dry band arcing.

Midsun HVIC offers a formula that allows for energized applications. Click here for more information

Midsun HVIC is available in VOC compliant formulations.

Why Midsun?

  • Material

    Midsun custom formulates our silicone coating to create an optimal flashover protection solution for highly contaminated areas.  Midsun HVIC  performed well when tested for hydrophobicity retention, salt fog test & inclined plane.  Contact your sales representative for test results.

  • Service

    Midsun can provide turnkey services for our high voltage insulator coating.  This is a stress-free solution to applying our product.  If you opt to apply Midsun HVIC yourself, we will provide you with all the information necessary to apply our product.  Contact us for more information about our turnkey services & application training.

  • Availability

    Over 90% of our orders ship within two weeks of order Placement.  We will do our best to provide you with what you need.  We can also mobilize our applicators quickly to accommodate any emergency applications.

For more information about our Midsun HVIC  – Please call