4 Strategies to Prevent Flashovers

High voltage insulators play a critical role in the transmission and distribution of electricity, but their performance can be severely impacted by environmental pollution in contaminated regions. Various types of pollution such as ocean spray, salt fog, cement dust, and airborne agricultural dust can cause insulator flashovers. This occurs when dry-band arcing leads to leakage … Read more

Protecting Animals Around Your Power Utility Equipment

In the past two decades, it has become increasingly evident that the external effects of wildlife on electrical equipment are beyond our control and can have significant consequences. Not only do these encounters often result in the animal’s death, but they also cause power outages, with more than 25% of all outages being attributed to … Read more

What is Causing Your Power Outage?

Power outages can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience for everyone since electricity is used in daily functions. In addition to causing discomfort, power outages can also be dangerous. Especially, for those who rely on electricity like medical equipment. While many other people assume that power outages are primarily caused by harsh weather conditions like … Read more

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