Welcome to Midsun Group

Organized in 1992, Midsun has experienced steady growth each year to date. Our goal every year has been simple; to become the very best product & service resource for the power utility and telecommunications  industries. Within the relatively narrow niche that is our business focus, we strive to excel in terms of product, services, price, performance and delivery. We provide utilities worldwide with services and products which increase reliability and save utility companies millions of repair dollars.

Our niche includes:

Silicone Animal Mitigation Covers
Silicone RTV Coatings
Turnkey Installation Services
Custom Product Design & Development

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to meet your business needs.

Bob Vojtila

North American Sales & Principal

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 112
F: 860.378.0103
E: vojtirf@midsungroup.com

Andy Tirado

U.S.& International Sales

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 125
F: 860.378.0103
E: tiradaw@midsungroup.com

Todd Tremaglio

U.S. & International Sales

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 124
F: 860.378.0103
E: toddtremaglio@midsungroup.com

Imad Kanouni

European & Middle Eastern Sales

A: Wagramer Strasse 25, 3. 1220 Wien, Austria.
P: 0043 68861168316
E: Imad@midsungroup.com

Brad MacCulloch

General Manager

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 128
F: 860.378.0103

Barbara Esposito

Human Resource

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 126
F: 860.378.0103
E: espob@midsungroup.com

Sabrina Santilli

Marketing & Webmaster

P: 860.378.0100 ext. 146
F: 860.378.0103
E: sabrina.santilli@midsungroup.com