New Products

Midsun Group is continuously designing new & improved solutions for animal mitigation problems.

Why Midsun?

  • Material

    Our custom formulated material produces wildlife protection cover that consistently maintain its strong properties in the most extreme environments.

  • Application

    Midsun covers are flexible & adjustable to market the application process easy.

  • Availability

    Whether you are looking for a proactive or reactive solution to animal induces outages, we will be able to provide short lead times. A high percentage of our products ship from stock a week after the order is placed.

  • Service

    We pride ourselves on providing each customer personalized attention. If you have a question about our products or application we will find the best solution for you.

Midsun’s wildlife outage covers are carefully engineered to prevent weather and animal related outages throughout substations, transmission and distribution lines.

We want to make sure that you receive the best solution for your animal mitigation problem.

Our products are not constricted by extreme temperature, harsh environments or odd connections & shapes. Regardless to where the animals are contacting, we have a cover that will fit and give you a combination of superior elements to provide a long-term solution.

Midsun can provide turnkey operations for our E/Products. If you are looking to train your staff, one of our OSHA certified applicators will give a full demonstration.

Installing our products can save your company money, time & aggravation.

High Insulation E/Fusing Tape

High Insulation E/Fusing Tape can be used on various odd shaped connectors, bus or cable to offer protection from animal contact induced outages.

Similar to our original Midsun E/Fusing Tape, Midsun HIGH INSULATION E/Fusing tape is self fusing and allows void-free electrical insulation.

High Insulation E/Fusing tape offers up to 35 kV phase-to-ground insulation with a 2/3 overlap and a 10% stretch. A second 2/3 overlap of tape will achieve 50 kV phase-to-ground insulation.

High insulation E/Fusing Tape is offered in various widths to make application on any size equipment easy.

Product Features

  • Self bonding
  • Flexible material
  • Heat resistant (FR rated)
  • Moisture resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Maintains electrical properties
  • Does not leave a gummy residue.

Tape Widths

High Insulation E/Fusing Tape can be purchased in a 2.5″ width or a 4″ width.


Gray & Red

Application Checklist

  1. Keep the tape clean of dust, dirt and moisture on hands. The tape will not adhere to itself if it is dirty.
  2. First wrap will offer 35kV phase-to-ground insulation when applied using a 10% stretch with a 2/3 overlap. 50kV insulation can be achieved by a subsequent wrap.
  3. Prevent any air pockets from developing by firmly pressing down on the tape.
  4. If fusing tape can possibly hold water – Allow a place for the water to egress out.
  5. Must overlap 100% when starting and terminating the application, so as to not have any ” flagging”.

E/Pin Insulator Cover – Medium

Part Number: E/PIN INS CV – MED

Drawing Number: 126-00-03

Phase-to-Ground: Up to 25 kV

Silicone cover designed to protect against bird and animal contact on standard cross arm pin insulators.

  • Allows for an easy on/off application
  • Durable & Flexible
  • Superior Weathering Resistance

Small Pin Insulator Cover

NEW Medium Pin Insulator Cover.

Large Pin Insulator Cover

E/Substation Termination Cover

Part Number: E/STC

Drawing Number: 284-00-01

Phase-to-Ground: Up to 25 kV

E/Substation Termination Cover is a silicone molded product designed to cover various sizes of cable terminations.

  • Allows for an easy on/off application
  • Durable & Flexible
  • Superior Weathering Resistance

E/Lightning Arrestor Cover

Part Number: E/LAC

Drawing Number: 137-10-01

Phase-to-Ground: Up to 25 kV

E/Lightning Arrestor Cover is designed to fit multiple substation lightning arresters. It adapts to different bus and lead connections which allows for an easy on/off application.

Type I - Lightning Arrestor

Type II - Lightning Arrestor

Type III - Lightning Arrestor