Midsun Silicone Coatings

Midsun Group offers a variety of protective coatings to restore and preserve utility and substation equipment.

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Midsun High Voltage Insulator Coating

Midsun High Voltage Insulator Coating is a silicone RTV coating that is an essentially maintenance free system that can prevent excessive leakage current, tracking and flashovers due to contamination.

Midsun HVIC Energized

Midsun HVIC Energized is a uniquely formulated Room Temperature Vulcanization Coating, it offers utility companies worldwide the opportunity to perform quality maintenance for pollution induced outages, without having to experience costly shut downs.

Silprocoat Corrosion Protection Coating

Silprocoat is a silicone coating with excellent chemical resistance and good adhesion characteristics, that provides an ideal coating material for corrosion protection and lead paint encapsulation.

E/Paintable Insulation

E/Paintable Insulation is a silicone coating that protects vulnerable phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground areas. It adds insulation to any structures made with metals, capacitors, transformers and cable accessories.


Corrosion prevention technology that allows for a permanent solution to cabinet & metal corrosion problems, that would otherwise need to be replaced.

<center>Midsun HVIC</center>

Midsun HVIC

Prevents excessive leakage current, tracking and flashovers due to contamination.

<center>Midsun HVIC Energized</center>

Midsun HVIC Energized

Performance quality preventative coating application without costly shutdowns.

<center>Silprocoat </center>


Ideal coating for corrosion protection / correction and lead paint encapsulation.

<center>E/Paintable Insulation</center>

E/Paintable Insulation

Paintable coating that insulates vulnerable phase-to-phase & phase-to-ground areas.



Used in conjunction with Silprocoat to offer maximum corrosion protection